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Celebrating the Fire and Soul of Hospitality

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The Chispa Awards is an annual recognition that is accepting nominations of your favorite Latino Restaurant Owners, Chefs, Cooks and Culinary Staff. So let us know what you crave and where you are spending your hard-earned money in the DFW area.

The Chispa Awards recognizes Latino Culinary Professionals and their contributions cultivating and preparing our food that we share at our family tables every day. 













Nominate your favorite

Meet the Chispa Awards' Winners
who will be awarded on June 1st during the Taste of Addison. The event will celebrate and honor Latino professionals and restaurant owners in the culinary industry.

Nominations 2024 are Closed

How Chispa Awards Works

The Chispa Awards recognizes culinary talent as we embark on a journey that transcends food; it's an exploration of ingredients, cultures, innovation, and the unyielding pursuit of perfection on the plate. 


But beyond celebrating individual achievements, today is a celebration of our community— as we honor our ancestors. Who’s cooking techniques we are still using thousands of years later in what unites us all, in our love of our native ingredients. 

Feb 22nd - Apr 22nd

Nominate your favorite Latino Owned Restaurants in DFW in various categories below.

You can also nominate and individual Latina/o who work’s in any restaurant in the DFW area from small mom and pop to chain restaurants, regardless of ownership.

Nominations will open on Feb. 22, 2024 and close on April 15, 2024 at 11:59pm Central Standard.

 May 1st- 25th

Visit the DFW restaurants where the finalists are rock stars and vote for your favorite one.

June 1st

Winners will be announced on June 1, 2024.

Stay tuned for more details!

Nominate your favorite

Individual Categories 

Nominate a Latino Worker who shows outstanding service in a Restaurant 

Hostess smiling

Best Hostess 


Waitress holding beverages

Best Server Nomination

Bartender Making Cocktails

Best Bartender Nomination

Picture of a Chef in the kitchen

Best Chef Nomination

Chef decorating a dish

Best Sous Chef Nomination

Pastry Chef decorating a cake

Best Pastry Chef Nomination

Waitress Behind Counter

Best General Manager Nomination

Restaurant Chef

Best Kitchen Manager Nomination

Restaurant staff working in a professional kitchen

Best Kitchen Staff Nomination

Latino Owned Restaurant Categories

Exceptional Quality

Waitress serving to customers

Best Full Service Restaurant Nomination

Two Delicious Hamburgers

Best Fast Casual Restaurant Nomination

woman receiving her food from a drive through service

Best Fast Food Restaurant Nomination




Who can vote: Anyone restaurant goer who recognizes good service, work ethic, and a positive contribution to your restaurant experience.

Who can be nominated: A restaurant experience isn’t only about the food, it’s about the people, too. Nominate the people that make your trip out for a meal a positive experience. Categories will include chef, sous/support chef, kitchen manager, server, kitchen staff, and hostesses.

Eligibility to be nominated: 

Open to anyone working in the culinary field for a minimum 2 years.

Eligibility for Chefs to be nominated: Chefs nominated should be actively working in the restaurant and catering industry in North Texas. 

Consideration for Chefs selected: 

Chefs nominated and selected for the second round of voting will be expected to participate in a judged cooking contest in April 2023. Details will be provided to chefs at a later date.

Participation fees: There are no fees to participate and visiting or dining a restaurant in no way constitutes a privilege.

Submitting a nomination: Nomination must include first and last name of the nominee, restaurant name, category, contact information of the person submitting nomination, and reason for selection. Incomplete nominations will be rendered inadmissible.

Selection criteria for staff nominees:     Nominees on the ballot for the voting period between May1st - 15th will be selected by the number of votes submitted by the public. 

Selection criteria for Chefs: Nominees on the ballot for the voting period between May 1st- 15th will participate in a two-part selection voting process. Winners will be selected by votes submitted by the public and by the LCIA judges through a cooking competition.

Voting: Open call for nominations will be open to the public and marketing information available through participating restaurant and organizations.

About the judges: The judging panel will be made up of industry leaders and LCIA contributors supporting the mission of LCIA. Judges

Representation of the Values of LCIA:  

Allegations of criminal, unethical behavior, or behavior determined to be detrimental or contrary to the integrity and mission of the Awards may be cause for disqualification and removal from the nominating ballot or final ballot.

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Winner Benefits

The Chispa Awards recipient will have the chance to work alongside the Latino Culinary Institute & Association (LCIA) by receiving a free membership. This non-profit organization is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of Latino restaurant owners. It provides chances for qualified start-ups and small food businesses to succeed through affordable access to licensed commercial kitchens, technical guidance, and training in food industry techniques and business operations.


The Latino Culinary Institute and Association (LCIA) is a member driven non-profit organization that promotes professional development to attract Latinos into culinary, food services and beverage fields in the US. 

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Citrus Feast



5005 LBJ Freeway

Dallas, TX 75244




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